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Ballpoint pens designed specially for spinning on tip of fingers. Made by Tomy

2, 28. 2008

   Tomy Co. will start selling ballpoint bens "PEN'Z GEAR" designed specially for spinning on the tip of fingers (popular play especially among young students) from Feb. 21, 2008. This was announced by the company on Jan. 31, 2008.

   Developed jointly with "Pen Spinning Association Japan," the pens were made easier to do the spinning by moving the penholder's center of gravity nearer to the middle with added weight for better balance. They can also be used as ordinary ballpoint pens. They come in 12 different varieties, priced at 525 yen each. Two different kinds of sets, each consisting of a DVD for training and two of the pens, brand named "Pen Spinning DVD Set," will be also sold at 1,575 yen each.

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