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Who controls the top page, Google or Yahoo? Fierce competition over the mobile terminal search engine

3, 03. 2008

   Mobile phone and search engine companies are announcing their tie-up agreements one after another over the search engine business on mobile phones. In Europe, the major mobile phone company T-mobile has created a stir in the public when it decided to change its search engine from Google to Yahoo. The search engine on mobile phones has not yet brought out satisfactory result and still has room for some improvement. Expecting growth and profit increase from advertisement in the future, however, attention is focused on which search engine company will serve the search engine on the top pages of mobile phones.

Yahoo and Google, vying sharply over cell phone search engine

   U.S. Yahoo announced on Feb. 12, 2008 that it had agreed with T-Mobile to form a business tie-up between the two companies. This means that the top page of the T-Mobile cell phones from where to link to the internet, currently provided by Google, will be provided starting in April 2008. It will continue to be possible to use the search engine service provided by Google on the T-Mobile phones through network. But the 90 million users of the phones in 11 European countries will first see the Yahoo search window on the top page of their phones.

   The British newspaper Guardian quoted the chief executive officer of T-Mobile on its website issue on Feb. 13, 2008 as saying that the reason why his company has decided to get along with Yahoo was that its search technology for mobile phones was better than what Yahoo could offer.

   T-Mobile highly evaluated the technological ability of Yahoo in developing the new search engine for cell phones, oneSearch, according to the newspaper.

   The mobile phone company Nokia in Finland, meanwhile, announced on Feb. 12 that its mobile phones will include the search engine window of Google in the search function of its phones. Nokia's mobile phones to be sold from now on will carry the search window powered by Google. Nokia conducts its business in 40 different languages in 100 countries over the world. Yahoo and Google will thus engage in severe competition on the world's mobile phone search engine market.

NTT Docomo concluding tie-up with Google in Jan.

   In Japan, eu has already put the search engine window powered by Google on its EZweb since July 2007.

   SoftBank has adopted the so-called "Yahoo Button" which enables the users to go to the top page of Yahoo by simply pressing on it as the company is aiming at tying together with the SoftBank group for service on the mobile phone since the change of the brand name of Vodafone.

   The major mobile phone company NTT Docomo announced on Jan. 24, 2008 that it would conclude a tie-up agreement with Google. The search engine window of Google will be put on the company's communications service "iMode" starting in the spring of 2008. The iMode will also be made compatible with Gmail and YouTube services operated by Google. Further, the company also plans to introduce products that will use the operation soft (OS) being developed by Google for mobile phones, "Android."

   Google is planning the marketing of mobile phones carrying Android later in 2008, heating up the competition over the use of mobile phones for the internet access.

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