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J-CAST News ranked top among Japanese-language websites in increase rate of visitors

3, 04. 2008

   J-CAST News ( topped the list of Japanese-language websites in increase rates of visitors to them in January, the U.S. research company comScore announced on Feb. 29, 2008. The visitors to the J-CAST News website went up sharply by 82% in January over the previous month.

Visitors number 2.68 mil., up 82% over previous month

J-Cast News ranked top in increase rate of visitors
J-Cast News ranked top in increase rate of visitors

   The J-CAST NEWS website received a total of 2.68 million visitors in January, representing an increase of 82% over 1.47 million visitors in December 2007. Placed second in terms of increase rate was SPONICHI.CO.JP at 65% (3.87 million visitors) and JIJI.COM at 28% (3.5 million).

   The ranking of increase rates in the numbers of visitors to websites is compiled by comScore on the basis of survey on more than 2 million website users over the world. The websites that received the top 100 largest numbers of visitors are listed in order of increase rates in the numbers of visitors.

   J-CAST NEWS is a comprehensive news website that started in July 2006. Centering on media, business and entertainment information, J-CAST News carries news stories written from "daily magazine" angles, and it also distributes news items to various portal sites. It has been distributing news articles to Yahoo! since October 2007. As it has become widely known, it gained an increasing number of visitors, and this is believed to have contributed to the rise in the number of visitors in January.

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