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Necklace made of GunPla now available on the shopping website Mitsubai Tokyo

3, 08. 2008
「Zaku-giri」necklaces sold by Mitsubai Tokyo
「Zaku-giri」necklaces sold by Mitsubai Tokyo

   The Internet shopping site Mitsubai Tokyo has started selling necklaces made of GunPla, brand-named "Zaku-giri." They are made by cutting into pieces the plastic models, such as those of Gundam and "Ryosangata Zaku," and connecting them with wires. As the plastic cannot stand heat and tool machines cannot be used to cut them, the models have to be cut manually by using fretsaws.

   They are made by Mikiko Minewaki, popular designer known for her novel works made by chopping cigarette lighters and other familiar items. They are reproduction of the items displayed at the "Space for Your Future -- recombination of art and design genes" exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in October 2007 through January 2008. The original works displayed were purchased by the museum.

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