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World's only-one-of-the-kind Fairlady Z to mark 25th anniversary of G-SHOCK

3, 10. 2008

   The automobile importer Zele International, based in Atsugi, Kanagawa Pref., will make only one unit of tuning car "Fairlady Z G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary Edition" based on the Nissan Fairlady Z for sale to mark the 25th anniversary of the sale of the Casio's shock-resistance wrist watch G-SHOC.

Racing driver Satoshi Motoyama decides the specs to emphasise the attractiveness of sports car

Fairlady Z 「G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary Edition」 (left) and 「G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary Model MRG-8000G」 (right)
Fairlady Z 「G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary Edition」 (left) and 「G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary Model MRG-8000G」 (right)

   The special car is produced by Zele International on the specifications decided by Satoshi Motoyama, a foremost racing driver in Japan. It is based on the Fairlady Z, driven by Motoyama, who belongs to the NISMO team, in the 2005-7 Super GT Championships. The color of the body of the special car will be black to give the image of the G-SHOCK, while that of the steering will be a black and red combination which is the logo color of the G-SHOCK.

   The parts for the aero-parts and suspension are carefully selected by Motoyama. It will carry the original logo of "G-SHOCK x NISMO" and emblem, and they are also embroidered on the seats and floor mats.

   Zele International said that the special car is so designed by Motoyama that it gives the attractiveness of a sports car as much as possible. It will be the only special car of the kind in the world that has the combination of the sprit of toughness of the G-SHOCK and the racing spirit of the Fairlady Z, the company also said.

   The special car will be sold for 5 million yen, excluding the registration fee and tax. The person who buys it will be given a "G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary model MRG-8000G," valued at the retail price of 500,000 yen. Purchase applications will be accepted on the Internet special site ( starting March 1, 2008. The buyer will be selected by a lottery.

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