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25ps power-up Lotus Europa 225 now available in Japan

3, 13. 2008
Lotus Europa 225 sold by LCI
Lotus Europa 225 sold by LCI

   LCI Limited, the Japanese agent for the British Lotus Cars, has began selling the Lotus Europa 225 in Japan from March 1.

   Based on the Lotus Europa S, the light-weight sports car produced by Lotus Cars of Britain, and the Lotus Europa SLX, the luxury version of the S series, the Lotus Europa 225 cars give the maximum power of 225ps with an increase of 25ps and the maximum torque of 287Nm with an increase of 15Nm

   The power acceleration of the Europa 225 cars are so made that the torque is changed in proportional reaction to the throttle opening, instead of the flat torque which is generally said to be easy to use. Thus it is made for the power acceleration to directly react to the movement of the right foot of the driver. The brake control is also made easier by replacing the brake disc with drilled disc.

   The prices are 6,772,500 yen for the car based on the S series, and 6,982,500 for the car based on LX.

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