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Sumitomo Mitsui Bank assists business firms that have environmental technology

3, 19. 2008

   Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. began from March 10, 2008 the "Global ECOBIZ Assist" service under which help is extended to domestic business firms in the globalization of the use of their technological abilities over the environment-related fields. The service includes preferential treatments on fees and interest rates for trade and other transactions.

   Subjected to the service are corporations that have the technologies concerning the purification of waste water and incinerators, biomass and other new energy, manufacturing of exhaust gas treatment device, energy saving products, countermeasures for soil pollution and greening. These corporations are also required of clearing the environment technology assessment standard of the bank. The service is made up of 80% preferential treatment for exchange transaction fees, preferential 0.5% per annum interest rate for export usance, total exemption of fees for export credit issuance, and total exemption of fees for the notification of (export) credit issuance. The service is offered for the period one year from the start, but the continuation after the term will be subject to negotiations.

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