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JTB is most popular company to work for among liberal arts students, while Toyota is among engineering students: Maicomi survey

3, 24. 2008

   The employment research company Mainichi Communications announced on March 13, 2008 the popularity ranking of business firms among university students who are to graduate in 2009 and seek employment. The top 100 companies are listed in order of popularity among the students as a whole, male students or co-eds of both liberal arts and engineering faculties. Occupying the top 10 places in the list of the companies popular among the students as a whole in the liberal arts faculty are the JTB group, followed in order by Shiseido, ANA, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, JAL, Mizuho Financial Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Toyota Motor, Benesse Corporation, and Oriental Land. The top 10 most popular companies among the students as a whole in the engineering faculty are Toyota Motor, followed in order by Shiseido, Sony, Kagome, Sharp, Hitachi Ltd., Suntory, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Honda Motor. Valid replies were submitted by 17,153 persons for the survey.

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