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Defend the Earth against invaders! Kit to bring up aliens

3, 31. 2008
Package of kits (left) and grown-up 「alien」 (right)
Package of kits (left) and grown-up 「alien」(right)

   SolidAlliance Corp., which introduces unique products to the Japanese market, has began selling the "Test Tube Aliens," a kit for bringing up doll aliens, made by the U.S. company 4Kids. A limited number of the kits are available for sale on the SolidAlliance Rakuten net shopping mall.

   The test tube contains a cocoon that is about 8cm long and 5mm in diameter, and an "alien" will hatch out of the cocoon when water is put into the test tube. For the "alien," one day on the earth is an equivalent of one year. It will fully grow up in about two weeks on a water-soluble food.

   Kits to bring up six different types of "aliens" are available, each priced at 2,980 yen.

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