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Cabriolet joins BMW 1-Series

4, 04. 2008
BMW 1-Series Cabriolet
BMW 1-Series Cabriolet

   BMW AG began selling the "BMW 1-Series Cabriolet" from March 26, 2008.

   It is the 4-seat Cabriolet based on the 1-Series. Its soft top can be folded down in 22 seconds, and it can be operated by a remote-control key. A 2-liter, 6-sylinder engine producing the maximum power of 156px is mounted in the front part to drive the rear wheels through a 6-gear AT shift.

   It is equipped with the device that protect the passengers with two rollover bars that will pop up from the headrest in case the car rolls or exceed the preset acceleration. Its safety device has been improved further with the front seat that contains the specially developed head/side airbag that pops out to protect the head and upper part of the rider.

   The car is priced at 4.34 million yen.

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