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Market expands biggest ever for game machines, software: Enterbrain

4, 10. 2008

   The sales of home game machines and software in Japan in fiscal 2007 rose 3.8% over the previous year to 676,950 million yen in value, according to a survey by Enterbain, Inc. The figure was the largest since the company began to conduct survey on the game market in fiscal 1997. The company announced the survey result on April 3, 2008.

   By the number of units, the Nintendo's portable game machine "Nintendo OS" topped the list of sales at 6,343,547, or accumulated sales of about 22,170,000. It was followed by the portable "PSP" of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) at 3,427,971, or accumulated 8,574,026. The sales of the home game machine "Wii" totalled 3,741,946 units, or accumulated 5,695,579 units, and those of the "PS3" were 1,197,418 units, for an accumulated 2,009,492.

   As for the software, "Wii Fit" topped the list with about 1,762,193 units, followed in order by about 1,659,315 units of the "Mario Party DS," 1,616,377 units of the "Wii Sports," 1,554,852 units of the "Super Smash Brothers X" and 1,354,447 units of one of the "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" games. Nintendo thus occupied the top five places of the software sales list.

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