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Corolla Fielder compatible with bio-ethanol to test-run in Osaka

4, 11. 2008

   Toyota Motor Corp. is now offering its "Corolla Fielder 1.8l 2WF (CVT)" cars that can run on gasoline mixed 10% with bio-methanol (E10) for test runs on the public roads in Osaka as the cars have been approved of by the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry.

   The Osaka Prefecture has been conducting the test runs of cars compatible with E10 fuel since March 26, 2008, commissioned by the Environment Ministry. The purpose of the test is to collect data needed for establishing environmental specifications of domestic cars. The reactions from the users of the cars are also monitored.

   The E10 bio-fuel used in the test run is called the cellulose type bio-fuel made from construction debris and wood ships. This type of fuel does not conflict with the bio-fuel made from corn and other food stuff (food type bio-fuel) and free from pushing up the grain prices, the problem facing the use of bio-fuels.

   According to Toyota, carmakers in the country have already cleared technological problems facing the manufacturing of cars compatible with the E10 fuel for the domestic market. Other conditions, such as the maximum mixing rate of bio-ethanol in gasoline is set by the government by law at 3% (E3), are still not ready for such cars. The monitoring from the users is conducted, therefore, to make preparation for actual production of the E10 cars.

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