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Tokyo accounts for 10% of Japan's total population. Population concentrating on greater metropolitan areas

4, 22. 2008

   Japan's population stood at an estimated 127,771,000, more or less levelling off from the previous year, according to Japan's population estimate (as of Oct. 1, 2007) announced by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry on April 15, 2008. By the prefectures, the population of Tokyo, the most populated area in the country, increased 0.78% over the previous year to 12,758,000, accounting for 10% of the total. The increase rate of the Tokyo population was highest across the country. It was for the first time in 28 years that Tokyo's population accounted for 10% of the total.

   Kanagawa Prefecture was the second most populated prefecture following Tokyo. Kanagawa was followed in order by the Osaka, Aichi and Saitama prefectures. The populations of the top five prefectures of the list put together accounted for 35.1% of the total population. Population decrease was conspicuous particularly in the Akita, Aomori, Kochi, Nagasaki and Wakayama prefectures.

   Of the total population, males represented a natural decrease for the third consecutive year, while female population is continuing natural increase. Amid the decreasing birth rate and aging population, the population of the young aged between 0 and 14 years showed an increase only in Tokyo.

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