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One of every three seniors has TV game machine

5, 21. 2008

   One out of every three Japanese seniors aged between 50 and 79 years owns a TV game machine, according to a survey conducted by the market research company Net Asia Co.

   Of the peopled surveyed, 33% replied that they have the machines. Those who owned the "Play Station 2" of Sony Computer Entertainment was accounted for the largest part of the owners (22.8%), followed by the owners of the "PSone" (10.0%) and those who have the "Wii" of Nintendo (8.6%).

   As for the reasons for playing with TV games, 65.1% of them said, "It is more interesting than thought," 24.5% said, "Family members can play together and have something to talk about in common," 20.8%, "Help do brain exercise" and 16%, "Good for physical exercise."

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