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Virtual boutique of Louis Vuitton operated for limited period of time

6, 03. 2008

   Poupeegirl, Inc., a subsidiary of SciberAgent, Inc., is operating a virtual boutique of the high class brand Louis Vuitton on the SNS website PoupeeGirl, which is specializing in fashion products, for a limited period of time between May 20 and June 3, 2008.

   Visitors to the PoupeeGirl can enjoy dressing up of dolls by moving their electronics alter ego avatars. Six different items of products that are identical to actual Louis Vuitton products, including the popular Damier line and the new bag Neverfull, are available. It is the first time for the virtual boutique to handle high-class-brand items, a person in charge of public relations at Poupeegirl said. Louis Vuitton is cooperative with Poupeegirl in the operating of the boutique because it is focusing its efforts on the sales of its products to young girls in their teens or early 20's, the person said.

   Purchase at the boutique can be made in the virtual currency "ribbon."

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