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Sanyo Electric to invest 80 billion yen in lithium-ion battery production

6, 12. 2008

   Sanyo Electric Co. announced on May 28, 2008 that it will invest by 2015 a total of 80 billion yen in the production of lithium-ion batteries to be used for hybrid cars (HEV's). The company's Tokushima Plant will complete the construction of a mass production line for lithium-ion batteries for HEV by March 2009. It plans to produce batteries enough for 15,000-20,000 units of cars per year. The production will be expanded to a total of 10 million battery cells per month in 2015 at the Tokushima plant and a new plant to be constructed. The company also announced on the same day that it reached agreement with German Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen Audi) on the joint development by the two companies of lithium-ion batteries system for HEV.

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