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“Boxter S” and “Cayman S” with special specifications available

8, 28. 2008
Porsche Japan
Porsche Japan "Cayman S Sports" car

   Porsche Japan KK began accepting orders on Aug. 2008 for the "Boxter S Porsche Design Edition 2" and "Cayman S Sports" cars.

   The two models are based on the "Boxter S" and the "Cayman S", respectively, with special specifications. The engine displacement is unchanged from the base car at 3.4 liters. But the maximum power was increased by 8 ps to 303 ps.

   The "Boxter S Porsche Design Edition 2" cars are fitted with 19-inch sports design wheels on the exterior and has grey stripes on the body side.

   The "Cayman S Sports" cars come in orange and green, the same color as that of the "911 GT3" cars. They are fitted with the Porsche active suspension management system.

   The sales of the special mode cars in Japan are limited to 10 units of each model. The prices are 10.56 million yen for the "Boxter S Porsche Design Edition 2" and 9.94 million yen for the "Cayman S Sports" cars.

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