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Mitsubishi Motors introduces improved Pajero Mini

9, 11. 2008
“Pajero Mini” that gives the image of “Pajero”
“Pajero Mini” that gives the image of “Pajero”

   Mitsubishi Motors Corp. started selling on Sept. 3, 2008 the improved version of the "Pajero Mini".

   As far as the exterior appearance is concerned, the front part of the new cars gives the image of the "Pajero", while the lamps in the rear section were redesigned and the spare tires are placed closer toward the center. Changes in the interior of the new cars include newly designed installment panels. The sheet cover materials were also changed to mesh-type materials.

   They are also fitted with the "Navi Edition SR" and "Nave Edition VR", which have the "Mitsubishi Multi Entertainment System" with inbuilt 1seg digital TV tuner. The "Exceed" models that have roof rails and water-repellent door glass are also available.

   Prices range from 1,234,800 yen to 1,659,000 yen.

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