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Konami and Microsoft said to be strengthening their ties. “Metal Gear Solid 4” to be made possible to run on “Xbox”?

10, 24. 2008

   A Konami home game software which is now making a smash hit, "Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4)", will be developed so that it can run on the Microsoft home game machine "Xbox360", it was reported by some mass media on Oct. 14, 2008. This sent a shockwave among the game fans who thought the software was for use exclusively on the "PlayStation 3". The crucial point of the report was changed one day later. The fans were confused as they found the report was false. But there still seems to be some complicated background behind the whole thing.

"We only report perfect facts."

   The marketing of the MGS4 for use on the Xbox360, which is wanted throughout the world, is positively considered. This was the comment made by a person in charge of public relations at Konami as reported on the website edition of the Kabushiki Shimbun. This was contained in the report on the Tokyo Game Show 2008, which was held from Oct. 9 to 12, and the article was distributed among Yahoo news and other media. It indicated that Konami, as part of its strategic plan to expand over the world, will not limit the compatibility of its popular software to the PlayStation 3 but will develop software for use on other game machines. The report further said in effect:

"Since the MGS is a prominent brand of the Sony camp, it can not be denied the share prices of Konami and Sony will be affected depending on how things will develop in the future."

   As of Oct. 16, 2008, however, the key point of the article had been deleted and it was changed to read that the soccer game software of Konami, "World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009", would be developed for use on five models of game machines, including the Xbox360. The name of the public relations official was also changed. Some bulletin board postings on the internet showed confusion by saying, "Was it a false report after all?" or "May be true. It does not definitely say that there will not be the software for the Xbox360."

   Why there were deletion and change in some part of the article? On this, J-CAST News inquired at the Kabushiki Shimbun, and an official of the newspaper said he could not explain the background of the article and added, "Perhaps what you think is right." He further said;

"As you may understand by the fact that we did not move a correction, we only report perfect facts. Please think that we moved two different articles, rather than we made deletion and change."

Konami wants to deepen ties with "Xbox360"?

   The strategic and intelligence activities action game series, MGS, has made a smash hit. More than 20 million units of the game software in the series have been sold so far over the world. The latest in the series, MGS4, was marketed on June 12, 2008, and its sales topped 3 million units in early August of 2008. There were many fans who bought the PS3 because they wanted to play the game. Microsoft now doubt strongly wants the powerful game software. Konami has its own problem. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on its Aug. 6, 2008 issue that 80% of the 3 million units of the MGS4 game software that were sold over the world were sold in Europe and the United States. The Xbox360 is so popular in Europe and the United States that it beats the PS3. The Xbox360 is a game machine Konami wants to deepen its relations with in its efforts of expanding its business in the world.

   Will be MGS4 for Xbox360 be released? J-CAST News asked this question of the Japan unit of Microsoft. Its public relations official replied:

"It is Konami's game. Ask Konami."

   Konami's public relations official, asked the same question, only said:

"It is sold only for PS3 at present. Rather than that, the truth is that nothing has been decided."

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