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Portable navigation system that also receives digital terrestrial broadcasting

11, 21. 2008
Intersection is shown in 3-dimensional picture
Intersection is shown in 3-dimensional picture

   Sanyo Consumer Electronics Co. will start selling from Nov. 20, 2008 a new model in the "Gorilla" portable navigation system series. The new model, "NV-SD750FT", will have an inbuilt digital terrestrial broadcasting tuner.

   The tuner receives high-definition TV pictures and the pictures are shown on a 7-inch liquid crystal display screen. It is equipped with a device that will automatically switch over the receiving mode to 1seg TV broadcasting in places where signal is weak. It also has an FM transmitter that makes it possible to hear the TV sound on the car radio.

   Maps and other data are recorded on the solid-state drive (SSD) that installs data on the flash memory. The information display system for navigation has been improved so that intersections and entrances to express highways can be shown by three-dimensional pictures. The price of the new product is projected to be 130,000 yen.

   The company will start selling from Dec. 20, 2008 also the "NV-SB510DT" model that will be equipped with a 5.2-inch liquid crystal display screen and an inbuilt battery. Its screen is enlarged by 0.7 inch over its conventional type but the entire size is unchanged. It can only receive 1seg TV broadcasting. The price is projected to be 75,000 yen.

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