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Camcorders that automatically “chase” subjects

1, 20. 2009
The model
The model "HDC-HS300" fitted with 120GB HDD

   The digital AVC marketing headquarters of Panasonic Corp. will put on the market on Feb. 5, 2009 four models of digital high-vision camcorders that are easy to operate for taking high-density videos. The prices are open.

   The new models are equipped with three new 3.05-megapixel MOS sensors for a total of 9.15 megapixels that give effective video pixels of 6.21 megapixels (2.07 million x 3). They also feature the next-generation optical shake compensation device and new 12x optical zoom Leica Dicomar lens.

   They also have for the first time the "focus chasing" device that makes it possible to automatically fix on moving subjects by touch-panel locking. The four models have different memory capacities from each other. They include the types to use SC cards and 120GB HDDs.

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