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Prime Minister Aso picked as worst post-war prime minister: Shukan Bunshun

2, 27. 2009

   Taro Aso was ranked first in the list of "worst post-war prime ministers," the Sukan Bunshun weekly magazine said in its Feb. 26, 2009 issue. Ranked second was Sousuke Uno, while Yasuo Fukuda was ranked third, Yoshiro Mori was fourth and Shinzo Abe was fifth. Junichiro Koizumi and Kakuei Tanaka were ranked sixth and ninth, respectively. The magazine said Prime Minister Aso was selected as the first worst prime minister leaving far behind other prime ministers. Some of the reasons for this were that he does not know the hardships facing the ordinary people, he has not carried out any meaningful policy, and his words are totally unreliable. Former Prime Minister Koizumi sharply lost his popularity because the disparity between the rich and the poor widened while he was in office, according to the magazine. The ranking was decided by a group of intellectuals and 2,000 other people surveyed.

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