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Pantsuits worn frequently by Hillary Clinton, getting popular among Japanese women in 20’s who want to look “able woman”

4, 24. 2009

   Pantsuits are becoming popular among coeds hunting for employments and other women in their 20s who have just recruited by companies. There are specialized shops where the sales of such suits went up by 25% over the previous year. Reasons for the popularity of such clothes are not only that they allow freer movements of the body than skirts but they are effective in making women look an "able woman."

Sales of pantsuits up 25% on year

Nearly 20 different designs of pants for suits to be introduced in spring and summer of 2009 at
Nearly 20 different designs of pants for suits to be introduced in spring and summer of 2009 at "THE SUIT COMPANY she"

   Aoyama Trading Co., the leading dealer mainly of men's suits, is set to introduce a line of suits for women under the brand name of "THE SUIT COMPANY she." In the spring-summer season of 2009, nearly 20 different designs of pants for suits will be put on the market. The pants and jackets will be sold separately. Prices range from 16,800 yen to 22,050 yen for the jackets and from 9,240 yen to 11,550 yen for the pants. They will be sold at the chain of 32 "THE SUIT COMPANY" shops, operated by the company in the central Tokyo area. Twenty-seven of the shops deal with ladies' goods.

   Selling well are undoubtedly those of black color that can be worn in almost all occasions and make the wearers look better. Most popular are the "semi-wide" types that are said to be effective in making the legs look better shaped.

   Pantsuits are sold mainly to coeds who are about to graduate and hunting for jobs and other women in their 20s mostly new recruits at companies. A person in charge of public relations at Aoyama Trading Co., which operates the shops, said:

"Many career-minded women in sales seem to go (for pantsuits). Pantsuits are more popular than skirts, and their sales are up 25% over last year."

   The "Perfect Suit FActory," the chain shops specializing in suits operated across the country by HARUYAMA TRADING Co., also deals with pantsuits that give a silhouette fit for women. Such suits of black, charcoal grey and other strong colors sell well because clothes of such colors are suitable for variety of occasions besides such colors do not show soiling. But the clothes of light colors are also gaining popularity in spring and summer. Most of them are sold at 10,290 yen to 13,650 yen for jackets and 6,195 yen to 7,350 yen for pants.

   "We've been dealing with pantsuits since we began to sell goods of brand names targeted at women three years ago. Pantsuits started to sell well one year ago. Women's fashion has become mannish and the line distinguishing between men and women is disappearing in recent years, and this may be affecting the sales," said a person in charge of public relations at HARUYAMA.

Worn frequently by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Defense Minister Koike

   The buyers of the pantsuits are women mostly in their early 20s to mid-30S. They are not unfastidious about pantsuits that they would buy. They seek such clothes that give "good silhouette."

   Jackets for men are made narrower toward the neck, but those for women are mostly "boots cut" that are cut wider toward the neck so that they look better when they are worn together with high heels.

   The strong point of pantsuits is that they give freer movement of the body more than anything else. There are also those who say such clothes give the impression of an "able women." It may have given rise to the pantsuit fashion that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Japanese Defense Minister Yuriko Koike made public appearance in pantsuits.

   The popularity of pantsuits is now apparently expanding among the students of women's universities who are looking for employment. One of such student, 22-year-old, said:

"I noticed many job applicants wearing pantsuits at an interview at a trading company."

   Individuals' blogs and postings on the internet show such opinions about pantsuits as "They can look sharp or sexy depending on the selection of inner wears and accessories, besides they can be worn in different occasions," "Good protection against cold," and "Runs of stockings don't show and it's good that people don't always look at legs."

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