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Digital photo frame capable of storing 3,000 pictures

5, 22. 2009
Photo frames that may replace albums
Photo frames that may replace albums

   Samsung will sell two models of digital photo frames starting successively in the middle of May. They can be used by connecting to a personal computer by a USB cable, making an AC adapter unnecessary.

   They can display a clock and calendar separately or in combinations with photographs, calendars or in various other patterns. Photos can be shown in a slide or a number of photos simultaneously.

   With an inbuilt 1GB memory system, they are capable of storing about 3,000 photos (at about 300KB per a photo).

   They are priced at 15,800 yen for the one with 8-inch-wide display panel and 24,800 yen for the one with 10-inch-wide one (expected to be marketed in the middle of June).

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