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Plug-in cars introduced by Fuji and Mitsubishi

6, 17. 2009

   Hybrid cars, such as the Prius and Insight are usually thought of as the eco-cars. The eco-cars successively unveiled by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. in early June are, however, 100% electric cars. Moreover, the companies say they all are of the "plug-in" type.

Fuji's car requires 8 hours for full charging, runs at maximum 100km/h

Electric cars for easy charging.  How well do they sell? Plug-in Stella (top) and i-MiEVs (below)
Electric cars for easy charging. How well do they sell? Plug-in Stella (top) and i-MiEVs (below)

   The car announced by Fuji Heavy Industries is the Subaru Plug-in Stella. Based on the light passenger car Stella, it is fitted with the high-performance lithium ion battery combined with a motor that yields the maximum power of 47kw. It can cover as much as 90km at the maximum speed of 100km/h with the 10-15 mode. The battery of the car can be charged by plug-in from the 100v alternate current of ordinary homes. The time required to fully charge the battery from completely "out of juice" is eight hours. The time is shortened to three hours by charging from 200v current, or it can be charged to 80% full in 15 minutes by using a specially designed fast-charging device.

   The deliveries of the cars are now scheduled for late July at the price of 4,725,000 yen.

Mitsubishi's car can cover 160km, takes 14 hours for charging

   The car introduced by Mitsubishi Motors is the i-MiEV produced on the basis of the i model. It carries its lithium ion battery under the floor. A motor with the maximum power of 47kW and other power units are arranged under the luggage room.

   It can run the distance of 160km with the 10-15 mode at one charging. The battery can be charged in seven hours from the 100v power source, 14 hours from 100v current or 30 minutes to 80% full by using the special fast-charging device.

   The car will be available for sale in late July 2009 to corporations and municipal government organizations during this year. Orders will be accepted from individuals in late July 2009 for full scale sales expected to start in April 2010. The price is 4,599,000 yen.

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