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The rich also prefer Prius to Lexus. Praise “technology advance”

7, 10. 2009

   The Toyota Prius is gaining popularity among the wealthy. A survey was conducted on the internet by asking questions of the members of the private club "YUCASEE (Yukashi)" formed by people with the financial assets of 100 million yen or more. Its results showed that the hybrid car Prius of Toyota was more popular than the flagship model LS600h of the Lexus series. The third generation of Prius was only unveiled in May 2009, but the good mileage and other new technology adopted in producing the new Prius are highly appraised.

64% for Prius, 43% for Lexus LS600h

The third-generation Prius
The third-generation Prius

   Thanks mainly to the tax break on purchase of eco-cars, car sales are beginning to turn upward. The attention of the car buyers is focused mainly on hybrid cars and electric cars (EV cars). Of the people in the wealthy category, 64% support the Prius, 43% the Lexus LS600h and 22% the Honda Insight. These were some of the results of a survey conducted on the opinions of the wealthy people about hybrid cars by Abraham Group Holdings, which operates the "YUCASEE" club made up of doctors, lawyers, company managers who are mostly in their 30's to 40's.

   It is the reality that the Prius cars are highly popular. According to the study conducted by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association on the new car registrations ranking for May, the Prius jumped from the 21st place (1,952 units) in April to the top place in May with 10,915 units. The third generation of the Prius was introduced on May 18. With the selling point of the good mileage of 38 kilometers per kiloliter, the new model is being sold fast.

   Honda Insight was ranked top of the ranking list in April with the sale of 10,481 units. The top place was replaced by Prius, but Insight was still sold well and was ranked third in May with the sale of 8,183 units. In the survey conducted by Abraham Group, a question was asked also about the battle between the new products of the Prius and Insight, a noticeable answer come from 73% of the people surveyed, highly appraising that it would be good "because the popularity of the hybrid cars will be promoted." Among many other opinions expressed on the aspect of technological advance and price reduction were that "competition between the carmakers will help cut down the prices to reasonable levels," "improve the mileage," "strengthening of international competition can be expected."

   The people in the wealthy category feel the "technological advance" (55.0% of them) in the "attractiveness of the hybrid cars." It is not the sound of the engine or motor that attracts the young people. The wealthy people seem to look for the basic performance of comfortable riding as a matter of course. They also seek the friendliness to the nature that results from good mileage and higher safety.

Hope for electric cars is hinted

   About the timing for buying, however, 45% of the wealthy people said they are undecided whether or not to buy the hybrid cars now. Those who said they would buy within one year's time, including those would buy immediately, accounted for 35%. Of the remaining, 19% said "more than three years later."

   Regarding cars they wanted to be available for sale, many said they expected Benz and BMW cars with the functions of the Prius, besides station-wagon-type cars, of which the room for loading batteries is still a problem.

   The hybrid cars are recognized as "cars in transition," and some rich people seem to think twice before deciding to buy them. They have the strong expectation for electric cars Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan Motor are now making their major efforts for producing.

   "Cars are becoming attractive more than ever." This was the reply that came from 67% of the wealthy.

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