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Assist function for Super Mario. “The game is boring”

7, 17. 2009

   Nintendo will introduce in the winter of 2009 a new version the video game "Super Mario Brothers," which will have a function to help the players when they face difficulty in conquering the game by automatically conquering for them. About this a criticism is posted on the internet that says the true enjoyment of games is for the players to go through difficulties by their own trials and errors.

Pressure-free education about game playing?

   The Super Mario Brothers is the video game recognized by the Guinness as the game most sold in the world. In fact, the sales of the Super Mario series registered the megahit in the world by reaching the 200 million unit mark. It is understood that the new game will be of an action game of the sideway scroll type. By frequently using the jump button, the players jump over a series of difficult spots to go on toward conquering. The new version of such a game, "New Super Mario Brothers Wii," will be introduced for use on the home gaming maching "Wii" in the winter of 2009. This one will have a built-in function that will automatically clear a difficulty for the players when they are faced by difficulties in conquering.

   According to a person in charge of public relations at Nintendo, there are new game players and people who are not good at playing games. These people would tend to stop playing the games any longer or decide they are not fit to playing games, the person said. A decision was taken to attach the new game software with the function to assist in playing out the game to the end in order that there might be no "quitters." It is yet to be decided, however, whether or not to increase the models of game software with such attachment in the future, he said.

   Many long-time fans of the "Super Mario" and other game fans expressed their doubts about the special function through the internet postings. It is a matter of course that there are some difficult places to go through in games. Joy comes from trying and succeeding in clearing such difficulties, they said. Some even say that the playing of the games is likened to life in reality. Everybody hits the wall in actual living. If such a situation can be skipped, it is no longer a life, they say.

"Pressure-freeness is finally introduced in games."
"Such a function will make game playing boring."
"We learn without noticing the ways of getting something by making efforts from playing of games. If all hardships can be skipped, it might make Japan's future dangerous."

   These are the opinions and ways of seeing things posted on blogs and bulletin boards of the internet. On the other hand, some say that the Wii is a game machine enjoyed by both young and old people. There are many beginner players, and it cannot be helped to provide such a helping function, they said.

Now it's possible to search for ways to conquer on the internet

   Actually, however, among the Nintendo game machine software, there is the latest version of the popular "Draque" series sold as "Nintendo DS," "Dragon Quest IX Protectors of Star" ( put on sale on July 11, 2009), that was produced on a different way of thinking from the new ones.

   The designer of the software, Yuji Horie, said, "The latest production has strong enemies, and it is deliberately made difficult to conquer." The remark was made in a discussion conducted on Nintendo's official site. The reason for making it difficult is that it is now possible to search for ways to conquer the games on the internet or to ask other persons about the ways. He indicated these possibilities can also be part of the game playing. He said he hoped those who are familiar with "Draque" would help the beginners.

   "It is possible to send a strong character into the game to fight or help. I think this makes it possible to create new dramas," he said.

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