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Home-bakery to bake wide variety of bread

7, 22. 2009
Home-bakery that bakes popular white bread, too
Home-bakery that bakes popular white bread, too

   Panasonic Corp. will start selling from Sept. 20, 2009 the home-bakery that bakes a loaf of bread at a time, "SD-BMS101," attached for the first time as the product of the kind with a "steam course" device that will make it possible to bake white bread with thin baking color and steamed bread with moistened texture.

   It will also have the "rice flour bread course" that will bake bread of 100% rice flour or rice flour mix. It is also attached with a "mochi (rice cake) course" that makes the rice cake in about an hour, the fasted for the machine of the kind.

   Using the "Danish-type bread course," bread of rich taste with butter can be baked. I is further equipped with an "udon (noodle)-pasta dough course" to make resilient noodles and pastas and chewy rice cake.

   The new machine widens the variety of bread and cakes that can be made at home, and it provides the enjoyment of home-making and reliability. It comes in the silver-white, orange or pink color. The price is open.

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