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As Club DJ at Rave Party, Noriko Sakai Showed Eccentric Behavior

8, 13. 2009

   Pop star Noriko Sakai, publicly known as Nori-P, was recently arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal stimulants. She has played as a club DJ around 2006, and the scene was recorded and uploaded on YouTube. As Sakai was behaving quite bizarre in the video, rumor had it that she was using illegal drug since that time. Some magazines reported that she might have regularly joined rave parties where drug use has become a serious issue.

"Nori-P was dancing with freaky manner."

   The video on YouTube is titled, "Cyber Nori-P, a.k.a. Noriko Sakai's techno-cool DJ play." Sakai showed up on the DJ booth wearing her headphone during the event of global brand, held at Roppongi Tokyo in February 2006. She danced very fanatically while shouting and fueling the audience's excitement by pointing her finger towards them. She was looking very different from her usual public image, which was a very pure and innocent actress. Since the video was uploaded, it has been accessed almost 400,000 times for three days with more than 500 comments from the viewers.

   Sakai might have simply become excited, but the reason this video has gotten so much attention from the public was because there have been rumors of her drug use for many years.

   Weekly magazine AERA, published by Asahi Shimbun, mentioned in their August 17 2009 edition that Sakai was a frequent visitor at rave parties, where people dance hedonistically in a warehouse or outdoor. Party goers tend to use drugs because they want to feel deep euphoria, and some of them have been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession. AERA quoted a female in her late twenties under anonymity, saying that her friend saw Sakai "dancing with freaky manner and it was easy to recognize that she might be dozed." Another lady found Sakai accompanied by her husband and son at club events where surfers gather. It was also whispered among surfers, "Not to mention her husband, Nori-P also uses drugs."

"It has been widely spoken" about Sakai's drug use

   There has also been rumor of Sakai's drug use in show business. During the TV program "Sunday Japon" by Tokyo Broadcasting System on August 9, Ayako Nishikawa, a plastic surgeon turn-to-be TV personality, commented, "It has been widely spoken (that Sakai is a drug user). Even my hair and make-up staff know (the rumor)."

   At investigation by the police, Sakai reportedly claimed, "I have used stimulants since summer 2008 because my husband encouraged me to." But after her marriage 11 years ago, comments began to appear on the Internet BBS suspecting Sakai's drug use. While the YouTube video mentioned was recorded in 2006, many people frequently witnessed the Sakai couple in club events in Japan and overseas around then. A lot of pictures uploaded showed that she looked like she was walking in the air, and it was whispered, "Nori-P comes up even in chancy spot, doesn't she?"

   It is still a suspicion that Sakai might have used stimulates or other drugs before summer 2008, but it must be true that she came in and out the risky places where drugs use are very prominent.

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