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Ayano Kudo wins National Beauty Pageant

8, 14. 2009
The Grand Prix winner, Ayano Kudo
The Grand Prix winner, Ayano Kudo

   Ayano Kudo, a 13-year-old junior high school student from Miyazaki prefecture, was crowned on August 4, 2009 at the 12th National Beauty Pageant.

   There were about 100,000 applicants, and only 21 contestants passed and entered the final round. The final was held at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka in Tokyo. With all finalists wearing the same white one-piece dress, they went on stage and showcased their skills, including singing and acting performances. Each award was evaluated by 18 judges, including photographer Kishin Shinoyama, actor Hiroaki Murakami, and actress Rei Kikukawa.

   Kudo, who won the Grand Prix and the first prize in the model category, smiling with confident and said, "I would like to become a top model, recognized not only in Japan but internationally, just like (Japanese fashion model) Anne." While other prize-winners became emotional and in tears when receiving their trophy, Kudo stayed cool and said, "I still don't feel it is real. I enjoyed the contest. I tend not to get nervous." Kudo certainly has gotten the right presentation to become the next big star.

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