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A “Lethal” Wedding Proposal Kit

8, 21. 2009

"The proposal ring" made out of silver is size-adjustable.

   Virgin Diamond, a wedding ring retailer, has recently begun selling a wedding proposal kit that includes a silver ring, a piggy bank and a pledge card.

   The ring is named "the proposal ring". The proposal ring is size-adjustable for any boyfriend who is uncertain of his girlfriend's ring size. This is used as a pre-engagement ring, so that any boyfriend who is looking into proposing will not hesitate to buy a ring to propose and worry that it may not fit. It is the pledge card saying "I hereby swear to you that I will save money to buy you, my future bride, a real engagement ring." The piggy bank represents money saving action.

   Men tend not to propose unless they have a specific reason to get married as quickly as possible because they are comfortable with their surroundings, according to Virgin Diamond's marriage counsel. This wedding proposal kit is mainly for female customers who wish to get some commitment out from their boyfriends.

   This wedding proposal kit, priced at 8,892 yen, is available online from August 7, 2009.

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