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Actor Manabu Oshio Released on 4 Million Yen Bail

9, 02. 2009

   Manabu Oshio, an actor and singer, was released on August 31 2009 on on 4 Million yen Bail. Oshio was arrested on suspicion of using illegal synthetic drug MDMA on August 3, and indicted over the violation of Stimulants Control Act by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on August 24.

   Wearing checked shirt, the 31-year-old Oshio appeared around 6:15 p.m. from Mita Police Station in Tokyo where he had been detained. Bowing deeply to the press who gathered in front of the police station, he said, "I am sorry for causing trouble," and climbed into the wagon. Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office decided to grant bail for him on August 28.

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