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False Statement of Noriko Sakai’s Husband by Attorney’s Advice?

10, 23. 2009

   The first trial hearing against Yuichi Takaso, husband of actress Noriko Sakai, was held at the Tokyo District Court on October 21 2009. Takaso, indicted for the violation of Stimulants Control Act, basically admitted to the fact charged, but he denied using drugs at a public restroom in Aoyama Park in Tokyo around August 2.

   During the trial, Takaso answered his lawyer's question that he told investigators to use illegal drugs at the park at first because he tried to hide the fact that his wife, Noriko Sakai, was also a drug user. Soon after he was arrested, he informed his then-attorney that he lied investigators where to use stimulants. However, the attorney advised Takaso not to tell the truth.

   Takaso said he inhaled illegal stimulants at his apartment, not at Aoyama Park.

   J-CAST News tried to reach the attorney for comments at the office, but was not available then. Instead, the person at attorney's office said, "I was asked by the attorney to tell media that it (what Takaso said at a trial) is not true."

   Prosecutors demanded a two-year prison term against Takaso. He is scheduled to be sentenced on November 27.

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