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Miss Campus Boxed Lunch to Help African Children

11, 09. 2009
All lunch meals are supervised by 6 miss campus girls.
All lunch meals are supervised by 6 miss campus girls.

   Convenience store chain Three F started to sell a series of boxed lunches, supervised by Miss Campus girls from 6 colleges, on November 4 2009.

   Three F collaborates with Table for Two, a nonprofit organization addressing hunger in the developing world and life-style related diseases in the developed world. A part of the lunch sales will be donated to support school lunch programs for children in Africa through TFT.

   Miss Campus girls are from Hitotsubashi University, Hosei University, Yokohama National University, Seikei University, Obirin University, and Gakushuin University. They have supervised the plans of boxed meals, salads and desserts based on the concept "Good for your body and heart" and "Wish my boyfriend and father love to eat."

   There are such menus as rice ball lunch, chicken bowl with salted green onion, and bitter chocolate mousse. Some meals are sold in Kanto region only.

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