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Peach John CEO Comments 4 Months after Manabu Oshio’s Arrest

12, 07. 2009

   Mika Noguchi, CEO of lingerie mail-order firm Peach John, updated her blog on December 1 2009, the first time in 4 months. She is an owner of the room in Roppongi Hills where Manabu Oshio, an actor who found guilty of using illegal synthetic drug MDMA, stayed with the lady who found dead.

   "I have been losing my words in sorrow and anger for the past 4 months due to such a stunning event," said Noguchi in her blog. She continued, "I apologized for the anxiety I have caused." Although she did not specify Oshio's name, she mentioned the incident caused by him, saying, "It is too shocking for me to give any comments easily because I have let him use a room with my utmost support, but that room became the place of a stupid affair."

   "There are bad rumors about me appearing on the Internet, but all are not true," Noguchi insisted.

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