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Manabu Oshio Rearrested, Suspicion of Giving Woman Illegal MDMA

12, 09. 2009

   Actor Manabu Oshio, 31, was arrested again by Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) on December 7, 2009 as he allegedly gave illegal synthetic drug MDMA to a woman who died at a room of Roppongi Hills in August. MPD also arrested Oshio's acquaintance who was suspected to provide him MDMA, and his former manager on suspicion of destruction of evidence as he allegedly threw away a cell phone which the woman possessed.

Oshio Testified the Woman brought MDMA

   On August 3, Oshio was arrested on suspicion of using illegal drug, violating Narcotic Control Act. After being indicted, he was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison with suspension for 5 years in November.

   During his first hearing at Tokyo District Court on October 23, Oshio claimed he did not give the woman MDMA. According to Sankei Shimbun online which released Oshio's testimony at the trial, while an attorney asked him whether he brought MDMA, he denied. Answering the question about who brought it, he said, "A woman with me did."

   The e-mail which Oshio sent to the woman was also discussed. He wrote to her, "When you come, do you want it immediately?" and a prosecutor asked him the meaning of "it." He answered, "I meant that I asked her if she wanted me, not an illegal drug."

Police to Figure Out Why the Woman Died

   Lawyer Takayuki Osawa said on the TV program named Evening Wide, "Oshio's case is investigated by the First Criminal Investigation Division of MPD, which deals exclusively with serious crimes, such as homicide or robbery. In other words, the division investigates the cases which someone dies, or the similar. It is necessary for MPD to reveal a reason why the woman died, and if MDMA caused her death, who brought the drug and what had happened."

   Osawa said that the case of illegal stimulant is usually investigated by another division. "Oshio has been found guilty of using MDMA in November. If he gave the woman his MDMA intentionally, and then she became in serious condition, he may be accused of inflicting bodily harm resulting in death. This will give him heavier penalty than negligence as guardians," he added.

   After Oshio was arrested, the woman's mother said that she wishes police to clarify the truth of her daughter's death.

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