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DENTSU to Found Joint Venture with Area Targeting Technology

12, 24. 2009

   Japan's top advertising agency DENTSU announced today to launch a new company named AD AREA on January 5 2010, aiming to develop a new Internet advertising market in Japan. This is a joint venture with J-CAST, an online news service based in Tokyo.

   The firm is to use its core technology, area targeting, which automatically distinguishes the spot where a user accesses a website, and displays a suitable ad on that website according to the user's access point. J-CAST owns a patent of the technology. AD AREA is to provide a system to deliver advertisement on a regional basis with area targeting technology, which will be licensed to those who need it on their website or ad networks.

   AD AREA is also going to cooperate with website businesses, regional advertising agencies and advertisers to promote the diffusion of a system in which regionally-targeted advertising is efficiently exposed. In addition, it will provide consulting and technical services, and product information release.

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