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Lady Dancers Try Costume Play in Photo Collection, DVD

2, 09. 2010
Eighteen popular dancers show up at a photo book.
Eighteen popular dancers show up at a photo book.

   Media Factory, a company publishing comics and entertainment-related books, is to release a photo book of 18 lady dancers, who are popular at a movie site named Niko Niko Video, on Feb. 19 2010. Its title is, "I tried I had my picture taken."

   The girls, gathered from around the country, enjoyed costume play, wearing the costume to become what they want to be, such as a vocaloid, maid, school girl, or anime character. They also introduce her a-little-Otaku-like profile, telling what video they like at Niko Niko Video.

   The photo book is to be sold with DVD, which includes their interviews and some extras. It is priced at 1,995 yen.

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