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275 Cherry Trees to Bloom in Central Tokyo

3, 19. 2010
Cherry blossoms will be soon in full bloom.
Cherry blossoms will be soon in full bloom.

   Tokyo's three major complex facilities, operated by Mori Building are to conduct spring events which visitors enjoy cherry blossoms in this season.

   Ark Hills at Akasaka is surrounded by a row of 25-year-old cherry blossoms. A Japanese garden named Mohri Garden at Roppongi Hills has a big old cherry tree. Those trees are to be illuminated with lights while blooming. In front of Mohri Garden, special stalls are opened, operated by restaurants at Roppongi Hills as well as TV Asahi, Hollywood Cosmetics, and Roppongi Hills community association. Visitors are also able to enjoy street performances around the area.

   There are 275 cherry trees at Ark, Roppongi and Atago Green Hills. Free shuttle bus is available between Roppongi Hills and Ark Hills in March 27 and 28.

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