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Soy Source Bottle Designed with Anime Girl

3, 26. 2010
The soy source has rich and mild taste.
The soy source has rich and mild taste.

   Japanese planning firm and a soy source brewery in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, jointly produced a new soy source brand, named Sakura Hime, and started to sell in March 2010.

   The soy source was named after a locally famous street near city hall where 300 cherry trees are planted. On a bottle label, illustrator Yukiwo designed a smiling cute anime girl with red Kimono wearing, as well as cherry blossoms blooming around her.

   Sakura Hime was born thanks the president of planning company, who has made his efforts to sell local products of Sagamihara, his hometown. He persuaded Inoue Shoyu, a local traditional brewery founded 135 years ago, and they collaborated to develop a handmade soy source with new design to appeal young customers.

   After the product was introduced by a local newspaper, the number of order has been sharply increasing. A bottle is priced at 1,600 yen.

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