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Anime Girl’s “Moe” Voices Used for Wake-Up Alarm

4, 24. 2010
Cute voice wakes you up every morning.
Cute voice wakes you up every morning.

   Game maker Ein Entertainment released an application for iPhone and iPod Touch, an alarm clock with anime girl's voices on April 16 2010.

   The concept of developing this application is based on the hope to get woken up by girl's cute voice, and to get excited a little every morning. The voices of three Japanese popular voice actresses, Manabi Mizuno, Rie Tanaka, and Shiho Kawaragi are recorded in the application to get a user up with "Moe" manner. Three original girl characters, which totally have 40 different wake-up words, are illustrated. A user is able to choose one of the voices with one girl to set as an alarm.

   The application can be used in iPhone3G, iPhone3GS and iPod Touch. It is 230 yen.

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