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AKB 48 Produce Rice Ball and Sweet Bun

7, 05. 2010
Food menus produced by AKB 48.
Food menus produced by AKB 48.

   Seven-Eleven Japan started to sell rice balls and sweet buns which the company and idol group AKB 48 jointly planned and produced. These menus are sold at 12,746 seven eleven stores nationwide, beginning on July 1 2010.

   Team A, team K, and team B have respectively produced one rice ball and sweet bun, which each team wanted their fans to eat. Team B made a rice ball and fried chicken with sweet-hot source while team A produced melon bun with strawberry and condensed milk. Both have been at stores in July 1. New menus are to be on sale in July 8 and 15.

   Rice ball is 126 yen and bun is 138 yen.

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