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Raki-Suta Figures Released at Game Arcades

7, 26. 2010
(C)Kagami Yoshimizu/Lucky Paradice
(C)Kagami Yoshimizu/Lucky Paradice "GLOOMY"the naughty grizzly (C)2010 MORI CHACK (C)TAITO CORPORATION 1978,2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

   Computer game maker Taito started to release figures of a popular anime taitled Raki-Suta.

   Two figures can be found at Taito's game arcades as game prizes. A figure of Raki-Suta's girl character named Kagami is wearing a uniform of Taito's game arcade. It is designed as carrying a stuffed toy in a box to a crane machine game, another female figure, Miyuki-san, is holding a stuffed toy which she acquires at a game machine.

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