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AKB 48 Yuko Oshima’s First Photo Book Released

8, 30. 2010
Yuko is chosen as AKB's most popular member.
Yuko is chosen as AKB's most popular member.

   Yuko Oshima, a member of Japanese idol group AKB 48, was pleased that her first photo album was released on Aug. 24 2010. The book is titled, "Yuko Oshima Photo Album: Whose Girl Are You?"

   While a main location of photo shooting is Los Angeles, Oshima also visited Dry Lake in Nevada as well as Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California for her photo. Ohima, a 21-year-old voted as the most popular member at AKB election in this June, also showcases her shots at shower room, dressing room and even in bed.

   The book has 104 pages, and includes her poster. It is 1500 yen.

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