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Comic Book Explains Japanese Politics

11, 04. 2010
Serious political story turns to be comical.
Serious political story turns to be comical.

   Libre Publishing released a new comic book on Oct. 29 2010, which personalizes Japanese political parties as its original characters.

   For example, a character named "Minshu-tan" is a personalization of ruling Democratic Party of Japan. This person is described as a younger brother of another character, "Jimin-tan," a personalization of Liberal Democratic Party. Minshu-tan is characterized as the one who actually listens to what people say though he is considered as a person who doesn't listen to people's voices. Minshu-tan also has 2 pigeons.

   As an extra, the comic has a 4-page interview story between its cartoonist and Shizuka Kamei, a leader of ruling People's New Party.

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