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Vegetable-Costumed AKB48 Appearing Web Clock Service

7, 11. 2011
Atsuko Maeda as tomato girl.
Atsuko Maeda as tomato girl.

   Popular Japanese girls pop group AKB48, picked for the main character of vegetable juice by Japanese food company Kagome, has been appearing a web-based clock service called "Bijin Tokei" since July 4 2011.

   Members of AKB48, characterized as Vegetable Sisters, dressed up with vegetable-like costume. Atsuko Maeda becomes tomato, Yuki Kashiwagi is pumpkin and Tomomi Itano becomes egg plant.

   Each Member holds a board telling viewers what time it is then in every 3 minutes between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. This project lasts until August 3.

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