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Sumo Makes a Comeback: First time in 18 years there has been a capacity crowd for all 15 days

1, 22. 2015

   It has been confirmed that there was a sell-out crowd for all 15 days of the January Sumo Tournament held at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugi-kan. By January 23rd, all advanced tickets available through the Japan Sumo Association's website for the final day, the 25th, had been sold. There have been capacity crowds from the first day of the tournament, and it is forecast that all on-the-door tickets will also be sold for the remaining three days.

   It is 18 years since all 15 days of a tournament held in Tokyo have had capacity crowds, dating back to the January tournament of 1997, when "Waka Taka Fever" was at its height thanks to the popularity of the two brothers, Wakanosato and Takanosato.

   At the current tournament, as of the 12th day, the yokozuna Hakuho is alone at the top of leader board having won all of his fights, and is heading towards a 33rd tournament win - the biggest total in Sumo's history.

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