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Japanese Citizens Proved to be the Most Reluctant to Fighting for their Country, with Only 10% of Respondents Showing Their Willingness to fight

3, 20. 2015

   On March 18, 2015, WIN/Gallup International, an international market research organization, released the results of its global survey on "If your country got involved in a war, would you be willing to fight for your country?" as part of its "End of the Year Survey 2014" published on its website. Only 10% of Japanese respondents said yes to the question, resulting in the lowest percentage among the surveyed 63 countries and regions.

   According to the survey's results, citizens of Fiji and Morocco are the most likely to be willing to fight for their countries (94%) followed by those living in Vietnam and Pakistan (84%). On the other hand, Japanese respondents proved to be the least willing to bear arms for their country, followed by several other countries also recording in the 10% range, including Holland (15%), Germany(18%), and Belgium (19%.)

   The percentages of respondents from the U.S., China, and South Korea who said yes to the question are 44%, 71%, and 42% respectively. When examined by region, people from the Middle East and North Africa are the most likely to be willing to fight for their countries (77%.)

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