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10.4% (of Survey Respondents) Say the Economy is Getting Better, Down to Half (of those who responded positively) a Year Ago: Cabinet Office Study

3, 27. 2015

   The results from a public opinion survey on social awareness revealed by the Cabinet Office on March 21, 2015 showed that (when questioned if they thought that the economy was getting better,) 10.4 percent responded that improvements were being seen, down 11.6 points in comparison to the previous survey conducted a year earlier. This is the largest drop in the outcome since the same question had been asked in the survey which began in December 1998, indicating that expectations for Abenomics have been put on hold.

   When asked through multiple choice questions which areas they thought Japan was heading in a good direction, 1.6 percent had responded "the economy" in a survey conducted in January 2012 under the Democratic Party regime, while 11 percent had given the same response in a survey conducted in February 2013 under the second Abe administration, followed by a record 22 percent in January 2014, indicating an improving trend (for people's receptions of the economy).

   In another question on the areas in which (Japan) was heading in a bad direction, the largest number (of respondents replied) "the country's fiscal conditions" at 39 percent, followed by 31.3 percent for "consumer prices" and 30.3 percent responding "the economy", showing a significant increase from 19.0 percent in the last survey.

    The survey was conducted on 10,000 subjects throughout the country through an interview method between January 15 and February 1; responses had been obtained from 6,011 participants.

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