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Toyota's Mirai FCV: only three per day to be produced, assembling done manually

3, 30. 2015
The new Mirai. Only three can be produced per day
The new Mirai. Only three can be produced per day

   Toyota Motor Corporation began its production of Mirai, the world's first commercial-type fuel-cell vehicle (FCV). The commemorative line-off ceremony was held on February 24th 2015 at the Motomachi plant (Toyota, Aichi Prefecture), the vehicle's assembly base, and the manufacturing process was unveiled to the press. The Mirai's fuel cell and hydrogen tank are manufactured at the Honsha plant (in the same city), and the body is assembled in the Motomachi plant.

   As the vehicle is assembled manually by 13 seasoned mechanics, who were also in charge of assembling vehicles such as the luxury Lexus line, Toyota can only three produce 3 vehicles per day. CEO Akio Toyoda stated: "We want to put our utmost care into each and every vehicle".

   Toyota released Mirai domestically in December 2014. Annual production capacity is planned to be around 700 by the end of 2015. Toyota intends to raise this number to about 2,000 in 2016, but production has not yet caught up with orders, and delivery may have to wait until as late as after 2018.

   As sales will begin in Europe and the U.S. in autumn 2015, Toyota plans to take steps to enhance the supply process.

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